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How can different industries leverage WhatsApp Business to improve customer

By- Aakrit Vaish,

Outcompeting websites and shopping apps, more than 40 million people browse through business catalogs on WhatsApp every month. Post-launch of WhatsApp Business in 2018, 175+ million users interact with at least one WhatsApp Business account per day. Similarly, over 292 million businesses downloaded WhatsApp Business on their Android or iOS phones in 2022 to interact with their customers.

But why do consumers prefer WhatsApp messaging to complete their shopping experience?

WhatsApp Business is more customer-centric

In the era of the convenience economy, customers are loyal to experience and not to brands. They search for platforms where shopping will be frictionless, streamlined, assisted, and time-saving. Brands understand the evolving consumer needs and pursue marketing on the messaging app where their prospects spend at least 38 minutes daily. On WhatsApp, brands can engage with their customers and offer them the following benefits.

Personalized shopping experience

Over 72% of consumers only engage with brands that connect with them through personalized messaging. Customers prefer marketing aligned with their likes, dislikes, preferences, buying habits, and purchase history. Brands that live up to consumer expectations have a 98% open rate and 45-60% click-through rate of their WhatsApp messages, 5X more than SMS and emails.

Through WhatsApp messaging, customers can respond to their personalized product recommendations, view product features, add them to the cart, and complete purchases in no time. Leading WhatsApp Chatbot providers allow businesses to trigger customers through automated WhatsApp campaigns and send promotional messages with personalized discounts, exclusive offers, back-in-stock alerts, and pending cart reminders. Thus, brands gain customer attention, convince them to engage with promotions and offers, reduce cart drop-offs, and convert to sales.

Proactive engagement and assistance
Nearly 92% of consumers perceive a brand positively when they get proactive support and engagement. It helps customers identify their problems and solve them before they ever arise. Proactive marketing exhibits a brand’s enthusiasm, customer-oriented outlook, and problem-solving mindset that engages consumers and propels them to respond.

New product recommendations, seasonal offers, cart abandonment reminders, and price-drop updates make consumers believe that the brand cares for their well-being and strives to enrich their lives with high-quality services and shopping experiences. They get real-time assistance from brands in their buying cycle to decide on their purchases, clarify queries, compare product features, and pay hassle-free. On the flip side, brands achieve higher conversions, gain consumer trust, establish a positive brand image, drive consumer satisfaction, and improve retention.

Complete commerce solutions
WhatsApp is among the best marketing channels where businesses can earn the highest ROI on their marketing expenditures. In 2021, WhatsApp launched its new UI elements for eCommerce brands to catalyze an end-to-end shopping journey.

Accordingly, conversational WhatsApp Chatbot solutions allow brands to showcase their products, interact with every customer separately, provide personalized guidance to streamline their sales funnel, and upsell and cross-sell the right products. They can identify opportunities at the right time and nudge customers to complete purchases.
Conversely, customers can also browse products and buy instantly, learn about new products through recurrent notifications, and pay directly through a 3-click UPI without navigating between multiple apps.

How can different industries use WhatsApp Business?
WhatsApp Business API is currently the most-preferred dynamic platform for businesses to notify, engage, and drive two-way conversations with customers. Multiple industries use AI-powered WhatsApp conversations to build brand recall, share relevant information with customers, and influence their buying decisions. They can improve customer experience, win their loyalty, and convert them to brand advocates. Here are some use cases where WhatsApp Business has helped several business sectors to increase their transactions by 115%.

E-commerce businesses use WhatsApp Business to provide contextual recommendations and share catalogues. They enable customers to discover products, add products to their cart, and checkout in a few clicks. Retail brands use cart abandonment reminders, back-in-stock alerts, and integrated payment and purchase solutions to enhance their cart recovery by 60%. WhatsApp Business allows them to provide exceptional shopping experiences to their customers, winning consumer confidence and repeat purchases.

Time is a critical constraint to the…

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