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Landlord rejects tenant application because they are unmarried

A couple in the US have shared their bizarre altercation with a landlord who denied their application because they said they were Christian.

The couple were asked to answer a questionnaire when applying for the property, with the landlord asking if they’d have a problem with him “expressing his faith” around them.

Tenants were able to put down that they were not Christian but didn’t have an issue with the landlord expressing their faith.

The couple — who are unmarried — ticked that they were indeed Christian, which apparently was the wrong move.

The couple said on the application that they are Christian and have no problem with the landlord professing his faith.
The landlord told the couple that he wouldn’t help them “disobey” God — whom he refereed to as “dad.”
Christina Mayo

He responded to their application with a lengthy email warning them living together in wedlock is a sin and began quoting Corinthians and referring to God as “dad”.

He said the pair were free to make their own choices but refused to “aid and abet choices that disobey dad” before claiming everything that has gone wrong in their lives is a result of sin.

“Technically because you are Christian and unmarried, had you marked the ‘not Christian’ box I would have gone ahead with the application review,” the landlord texted the woman.

The landlord scolded the couple for living together in wedlock.
The landlord scolded the couple for living together out of wedlock.
Christina Mayo
The landlord said he would've reviewed the application if the couple didn't claim that thy are Christians as well.
The landlord said he would’ve reviewed the application if the couple didn’t claim that they are Christians as well.
Christina Mayo

“So because we were honest on the application like you asked, you’re not going to review the application any further? You’re passing judgment and I’m sure God wouldn’t like that, that’s a sin in itself,” the woman responded.

The area code on the application indicated the property was located in Memphis, Tennessee.

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